Starch is an important industrial material,and also used for dishes,meat products, beer, gourmet powder, ointment, medicine bone-setting adhesive, starching resource for textile, dying adhesive,internal additives and adhesive for papermaking, ethanol,sands and wheat adhesive for casting, floating minerals inhibitor for metallurgy, ruber products lubricating,sticky soil water-on resource and treat resource for industy waste water.

Xingmao Brand corn starch is the first brand all over Asia and  we export over 1.6 million tons every year.The quality of our brand corn starch has good reputation.

        The specifications:

        Protein: <0.35%


        PH: 5.4-6.4

        SO2:< 30ppm


        Ash :<0.15%

        Fat: <0.15%

       Appearance:White powder