Inositol ( or named Cylohexanehexol), is a kind of vitamin product. It is in form of white powder crystal with no smell and sweet taste. It can be easy dissolved in the water and can’t diffluence in the ethanol without roater, aether, chloroform, the liquor of the water show limccsless. It’s melding point is 224°۬C °C. It is mainly used in the following ways:to227 

Medical industry (NF12): Inositol has the function similar to that of vitamin B1. It is widely used in the material of producing compound vitamin preparation, can treat many diseases such as liver-hardening, fatty liver, blood vessel- hardening, overtop cholesterol and carton-tetrachlonide poisoning. It’s also used as medical intermediate to copose nicotinic acid inositol fact. 

Food processing(FCCIV):As the food strengther additive, nurture, health care drink, children food also has the inositol. It is the biology accedlerant in the feed industry, there is also inositol in some high class livestock fodder. Inositol is a kind of biology energid, it’s the necessary ingredient of the organism. Altitude animal will show stagnant growth, hair shedding, lose the circadian balance. The daily imbibes for human body is about 1 or 2 gram inositol. 

Feed industry (FCCIV): Inositol is used in rare marine lives and special type breed aquatics additive, it’s a high-grade nutrition tonic and grateful bio-chemical raw material and medicine for fishing industry. It is a part of all the bio-chemical organize, it exists in the cell as the form of inositol lecithoid. It can promote the growth of the fish and shrimp, it makes the growing pace 10times faster. The inositol reacted with flax acid together to make into the dryness oil, the nitry of the inositol is detonator, the oxid of it can be used for deodorant.

The inositol origin comes from muscle, so it gets the name, it is the former to compose many biology molecule. Scientists confirm that the lecithoid inositol is the second information system of the biology cell.  

It has the function as discharging, defending cancer, diabetes, heart and cerebrovascular diseases. Selenica acid fat of the inositol is called as “ The Anticancer King”. It can be used to produce the defending cancer medicine of abundant containing selenic. 

        The specifications:

        Inositol Loss on drying:0.032%

        Residue on ignition: 0.024%

        Chloride less 0.0005%

        Sulfate less 0.002%

        Calcium eligible

        Iron less 0.0003%

        Lead or Heavy metal less 0.001%

        Melting range 224°C-227°C

        Assay: 99.7%