FIE Frankfurt

30 - Nov - 2023
Author: Shengda

Exhibition name: FIE Frankfurt

Time: November 28-30, 2023

Exhibition overview:

The FIE exhibition has a total of 4 pavilions. Due to the epidemic in previous years, this FIE exhibition can be said to be the exhibition with the largest number of participants and companies since various countries relaxed their control policies. There are more than 350 Chinese companies alone.

The exhibition has a wide coverage, reaching customers from all over Europe. Many customers from Malaysia, Thailand, Turkey, South Africa and other African countries also visited the exhibition.

L-Lactic Acid 

Our L-Lactic Acid products are produced from natural corn starch using advanced fermentation and refining technology. It has the characteristics of pure natural, high purity, high stereochemical purity and good heat stability. It is a natural sour agent, PH regulator and preservative and is widely used in dairy products, bread, alcohol, cosmetics fields.

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